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Soetwaters Guest House is owned and managed by Ian Nel and his wife Mariana Nel.  The couple is dedicated to ensure that their guests enjoy their stay to the fullest. 

When Ian and Mariana moved in on this small holding in 2013, it was clear that a market for guest houses existed due to a large number of wedding, and other venues in the area nearby.  An old un-used horse stables building was converted into four lovely guest rooms and a cottage on the premises was renovated, which added character to the Guest House.

The Cottage officially started operating in 2016 and the new and updated "horse stables" started operating late in 2017.

Soetwaters Guest House is perfect for several people and for a number of different reasons:
  • Guests who would just like a place to stay over close to the number of wedding and function venues in the area
  • The people who just like to be in nature and enjoy the peacefulness
  • The mountain biker who enjoys the many possibilities of tracks in the area
  • The pilot who wants to get an early start because of nearby airstrips
  • The motorsport enthusiast who enjoys the motocross venues close by
  • People attending the ever popular "Kragdag" down the road
  • The travelling business executive who needs to be close to the city, but would rather enjoy the quiet peacefulness after hours
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Please see the
that are applicable to Soetwaters Guest House.
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